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Does your Chromebook have physical damage or power issues that require servicing?
Last Updated 3 months ago

As we have now moved to a 1-to-1 student to device platform, we have tried to make it as easy as possible for students to submit their devices for repair. All that is required is for the student to go in to the designated location and fill out a damage form. The staff members at that location will provide the student with a loaner device that they can use until the repair is completed. The student in question will receive an email when they can pick up their serviced device. 

Depending on the type of repair, the student may be responsible for fees from parts used in their repair. For more information on repair types please refer to the student handbook or checkout

It is also acceptable parents/guardians to come to school buildings to complete this process for remote students or younger students. These designated locations are accessible during school hours only.

Designated locations by school:

  • Roland Green Preschool - There are no loaners for this building. Please submit a Help Desk ticket to schedule an appointment directly with a member of the Technology Department.
  • Robinson Elementary School - West Office.
  • Jordan/Jackson Elementary School - Library.
  • Qualters middle School - Drop Off Repair in Library, Pick up Repaired Chromebook from Guidance Office.
  • Mansfield High School - Library.

If you have any additional questions about this procedure, don't hesitate to submit a Help Desk ticket.

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