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Welcome back for the 2023-2024 School Year!

The Technology Department has been hard at work this summer making updates and improvements to our technology environment. This includes changes to wifi access, user passwords, and more. Be sure to check out the Tech Announcements Website here to learn more!

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has begun rolling out to users! Check our announcement page for MFA with the link below. If you have questions or need assistance with the setup of Duo or a password reset, please be sure to check this site for instructions. We can also assist if you submit a ticket or call the Help Desk line directly (extension 33139)!

Duo MFA Guide and FAQ

If you require assistance with your district technology resources, our team is here to provide it. You can submit a ticket on this page, which ensures our team sees it and can address it as soon as possible. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number as well, which you can use to track the status of online.

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