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I got a suspicious email, what do I do?
Last Updated 2 months ago

When you get an email from a sender that you don't trust, you should take the following action:

  • Do not click on any links in the email body or download any associated attachments.
  • Please do not forward the email to anyone. This includes the members of the IT department. Forwarding the message gives threat actors more opportunities for someone to fall for their tricks.
  • You can call the Help Desk and notify us who the sender is. From that point we can conduct an investigation and put rules in place to prevent future communication with that sender.
  • You can also¬†submit a Help¬†Desk ticket with a screenshot of the offending email. Be sure to also capture the sender's address and timestamp associated with the email.
  • You can report the email as spam to Google by clicking the following icon:image
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