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I need a website or YouTube video unblocked.
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For Websites:

We are happy to allow access to educational resources. Please submit a ticket with the following information:

  • Who the resource is blocked for - is it just students? Or staff members too?
  • Is it blocked on both the wireless and wired networks?
  • What does the block page look like? Is there a lock icon? A connection timeout error?

For YouTube Videos:

There are two ways that a YouTube video can be inaccessible to students: the first is that the video is not approved for our domain. Department heads can approve the videos to be watchable by our domain so that way Google does not block them. Videos that are blocked in this way usually have the "this video is restricted" message.

Even if a video is allowed in Google by an administrator, it can still be blocked via GoGuardian policies. GoGuardian is not only a classroom management tool but it also provides content filtering for student devices at all times. If it deems a resource to be inappropriate (perhaps based on a keyword) it will block it. Resources blocked by GoGuardian usually show a big lock symbol.

The things you can do to prevent GoGuardian from blocking a YouTube video:

  • Have a student attempt to watch it before including it in an assignment.
  • Send us the link to the youtube video or youtube channel that you would like to be whitelisted in a HelpĀ Desk ticket.
  • Let us know the key word that is being flagged and we can re-evaluate if that keyword is necessary.
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