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How Do I Adjust the Volume on My New Smartboard?
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  1. Make sure that the proper output source is selected. It is always going to start with SBID.
    1. Click on the speaker icon in the bottom right of your screen.
    2. The text above the volume level is what output source is currently selected.
    3. To change your input source, you can click on the text above the volume level and select the source that starts with SBID.
  1. In the same location, make sure your volume level is high enough. Adjusting the volume here will affect how loud the smartboard speaker is.
  1. Your smartboard also controls the volume level of the speaker attached to it. You can adjust this with either the buttons on the remote or the buttons on the front of the smartboard.
    1. It is important to know that this level works in tandem with the volume level on your computer. So, if your computer is set to 50% volume and the smart board is set to 50% volume, your speaker is really playing at 25% volume.
    2. To avoid confusion, we suggest maxing out the volume on the smartboard and only adjust the volume on your computer or vice versa.

***Please keep in mind that not all videos and video players are created equal. Videos that are uploaded to the internet can be inherently loud or soft depending on how they were mixed. There may not be much that you can do if the video itself is not very loud. Additionally, some players, like the one for YouTube, have their own volume controls. Double check that the media you are trying to play does not have separate volume control options.

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