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With the introduction of Mimecast email protections and filtering in place, you will be receiving regular emails from Mimecast called a ‘Personal Digest’. This FAQ will explain how you use this Personal Digest to review your held messages and ensure your email is safe and secure!

When an email is sent to you, but before it actually gets to your inbox, it is scanned for potential threats or spam. If it appears suspect, it will require review by you. This review takes the form of a Personal Digest email. The digest will list each email and give the reason why the email was held, the email address it came from, as well as the subject of the email. With this information, you will be able to take one of three actions:

Release: This will allow the individual email to leave the Hold Queue and go to your inbox. Choose this option if you are not expecting a message from the sender and think that the content could be useful, but do not want to allow every email to come through.

Permit: Taking this action will allow the message to go through to your inbox and, in addition, cause any future emails from this address to bypass the Hold Queue and go straight to your inbox. Choose this option if you trust the sender and anticipate more emails coming from them in the future.

Block: This option will prevent the email from reaching your inbox, as well as stop any further communications from this address. This option is recommended if you do not recognize the sender, or if you think the content could be potentially malicious in nature.

You will receive a personal digest email whenever you have messages that require review. Emails in your Hold Queue are kept there for 14 days, after which they will become unavailable to you. We recommend taking the time to check these emails when you receive them to ensure you are not missing any important communications.

If you are unsure of what action to take: don’t worry! As always, feel free to submit a ticket at if you have any questions or concerns.

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